Self-Discovery, Miracles and Every Day Life

You find yourself alone in the wilderness…so you stop and smell the roses. Before you know it, hours have passed on. You look at your watch and it is almost midnight. The sun has set and sank into the abyss as the moon has risen and stars blanketed the velvet sky. You ponder to yourself. “What beauty that this world possesses? What wonderful sights have I been blessed enough to bare witness too? The birth of a baby animal or the birth of a child. The astounding ways our lives reach out and intertwine with those we surround ourselves with.” There are so very many things to be happy for. So many reasons to scream and shout with pure and unconditional happiness. It is truly an honor among us all to achieve happiness in our daily lives because that is something we have to search our hearts and souls for. True happiness cannot be granted from someone other than yourself. Once you have that happiness that is your own others will see and be happy for you and so you have made a mark by showing just how much being happy with the man or woman that you are can change your life.

I must say that if a person discovers their self-happiness that has been within them since they were born that is a blessing and quite the accomplishment.When you wake up in the morning; before you even open up your eyes, but when you start to stir; a miracle has already happened. You were given the blessing of another day. This day is filled with new beginning; new miracles to present themselves through the day New ways for you to do the things you want to and find better ways to accomplish the things you wish to accomplish. The miracle is in the making.

Your perspectives on things matter more to the way you live your life than what you may think. Get in the right perspective and just like a puzzle your life will start to come together. The days that we have already lived through are like building blocks because they build us up to be the man or woman that we are supposed to be. Perspectives and priorities to me, are one and the same. If you are able to put your perspectives in the right order then your priorities will be in order too. Life and love have only one thing in common. That one thing is, they both are truly what you make them.

You sit on the porch watching as the sun breaks and the moon waves goodbye as embarking on a new journey. The journey that will lead you to the start of the rest of your life. Life is all about those little moments. Take them all in and treasure them; keep them with you throughout that day. You will be surprised at the mood you will be in because of this. The things you can achieve on a day-to-day basis will absolutely amaze you if you do the best you can with who you are and what you have. Life is but the journey to self-discovery. You never know what you can do until you try.


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