Hello all; welcome to my first blog! I am glad you all have come by. I greatly appreciate it.  This is where I am going to put my biography which is also on the back of my first poetry book so that you all know more about me.

Jöel J. Gerber is thirty-six years old. He was born and raised in the hills of West Virginia, in the small town of Hurricane. Ironic, when considering he writes with the power of a storm of great magnitude yet, is warm and charismatic in the way he has always stood out, blending with people of all ages; making him capable of influencing or inspiring large numbers of people.

Jöel and his brother (Jāhn) were raised by their mother, Vicki J. Gerber – a woman who worked hard her entire life, and once worked alongside their father who was the owner of
Creative Catering in Saint Albans.

His father was a well renowned chef at the top of his field. He was known internationally and catered for singers and all type of businesses. Clients included celebrities from Garth Brooks to Bon Jovi and everyone in-between; additionally, touring with organizations from all over the country… one of which was “Health South.”

Jöel describes himself, as “a walk in the park on a bright sunny day, just letting the words flow along the way.” From early on, he was taught you should always do unto others and turn the other cheek but most important, ALWAYS put God first.

He began writing when he was five years old. Back then, his poems were more about what he could see and what he was told, not so much, about how he felt.
About this early age, Jöel laughs, “Who really knows how to put into words what you feel?”

As he grew older, he began to put more of his heart and soul into his poetry. Looking back, he recognizes the transition of his work as his poems became more emotional with each new life experience.

Poetry Rhyme is his passion. Jöel utilizes his natural talent coupled with opinion and encouragement from family and friends in a constant cycle of revision, in his pursuit of perfection.

He has started to branch from poetry dabbling in philosophy and now also stories. His philosophy is worded in such a way that it is difficult for one to argue what he writes. As for his story, he managed to put more of himself into it then he thought that he would. It is truly a great story and it ropes you in.

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Jöel J. Gerber is the history of poetry proclaiming, 
“Our hearts are not as different as one might think.”


He has come to the startling realization that as long as we do our best with who we are and what we have then we will achieve the things we wish to achieve.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I was about 5 when I wrote my first story. i dictated it to my father who wrote it on notebook paper and saved it in a cedar chest. My stepmother gave it to me after his death. it’s now one of my greatest treasures. Congratulations on your first book.


    1. Oh wow, perhaps one day as time rolls on perhaps I can read it. Thank you for congratulating me. I’m well on my way to coming out with my second book which is going to be a collection of my blogs that you see here and a few more. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. It means a lot to me. God bless you Elaine. Thank you for your support and friendship.


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