Dangerous Curves



This is the first fiction novel which I have written. It tells the tale of two young adults. Jayse, 21 and Camille at age 24. It follows them through the road that led them to each other. Proving that when fate is involved that no matter the circumstance…It will prevail. You will discover just how much she means to him. How many people do you know who would be willing to risk it all for the one they love? When it is true love; it will always win. The trials and tribulations that a couple in love face in order to be together along with the strength and compassion of understanding one another.

Jayse, is a recent college graduate. Who graduated with a major in Photography. Camille, she had a rough start. She managed to escape from an abusive relationship with her Ex-Fiancee; Mick Randolph. She is now on the run and at the same time trying to start her life over again. Trying to find a common path which may lead to her being truly happy for the first time in her life. You see, it is nothing short of amazing the willingness and strength of one person when they are fighting for what they believe in.

You will be quite surprised at all the twists and turns in this book. I set it up that way. Because I wanted the readers to be biting their lips wandering just what is going to happen next. It has a wonderful yet surprising ending as well. My next publication will be the prequel “On My Way To You” and then the Sequel: “The Road You Leave Behind”



Here are some of the reviews I have gotten on this book so far. I am sure you will like them. I am proud of them and glad that readers have liked this so far.


Mark Mackey: “Dangerous Curves is the interesting story of two twenty-something college students, Jayse Dillion and Camille Henderson. Overall I enjoyed this short novel. It’s interesting, writing, characters. Worth the time to read and five stars. Looking forward to the rest of the series.”

“Jayse is 21 and fresh out of photography school. While pursing his dream of photography he soon finds himself in love. Camille Henderson is 24 and beautiful. She won Jayse heart the first moment he caught her in his camera’s lens.

Camille comes with some baggage that Jayse will soon discover. Jayse’s life will forever change. The question remains of will he survive this relationship ? Will it be to much. It will show Jayse who you can and can trust in this big old world of ours.

While reading this book I have to say that I stayed on the edge of my seat. You just was not sure what road the author was going to take you down next. Your heart went out to Jayse. . . so young and the experience’s he endures is intense.”

5 fast pace stars 🙂