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Photos & Reviews of Poetry From The Beat Of A Heart:



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Thank you all who have reviewed my book. All the reviews I have gotten so far have stated that it is a MUST read and I appreciate that. The way I look at it is like this. God blessed me with the gift of turning normal every day words into extraordinary works of poetic art and so why not share it with the world?


Next up, you will see below the pictures from my very first book signing along with my banner @ Dave’s Tavern & Grill. I hope you all enjoy.


Book Signing 1d Book Signing 1f Book Signing 1g Book Signing 1h Book Signing 1c Book Signing 1b Book Signing 1a Book Signing 1e


I had a great turn out that night. Everything went smoothly.






Now, for one of my 5-star reviews:

Jacqueline: love the title of this book! Author Joel J. Gerber’s book of poetry, POETRY FROM THE BEAT OF A HEART shares his true feelings about faith, hope, love, fear, commitment, humor and Girl Scout Cookies.


Thank you so much for your kind words.


My 2nd book signing took place @ Grumpy’s Waterfront Grill. It too, had a fantastic turn out. I love the kindness and support I have gotten from all the place I have done a book signing at so far. They were very professional, and able to fill my needs as a place to setup etc. etc.


Book Signing 2g Book Signing 2f Book Signing 2d Book Signing 2c Book Signing 2b 100_0704


That was a fantastic day as well. I feel this book because it is in dedication of my father who passed away 9/25/2011. It is helping his legacy to be continued and remembered for as long as my book is being read by those of you who truly know how to appreciate “words directly from the heart” and put onto paper . If your heart could speak, what would it say?



The outpouring of love and support that I have gotten from all of you is so greatly appreciated and amazing. Ten years ago, if you were to ask me if I thought I would ever have a book out I would have said no. I’m living proof that dreams do come true.

Now I will share with you another 5-star review I have gotten.


Suspense and Thriller writer wrote:

This book is absolutely beautiful. It is very versatile. It has poems that are beautiful and heartwarming, poems that are fun and cute, poems that are inspirational and ones that really get you thinking. If you love poetry then this is a MUST READ. Highly recommended. Loved it!

Thank you Thriller writer for your kind words. Much appreciated.


Let me share with you some advice that can relate to everyone:

“As long as you do your best with who you are and what you have there is no way you will not succeed” – J.J.G.



Here is a little poem I am going to share with you all. I hope you like it.


“A dreamer has dreams
some do come true
Follow your heart
with all you do.

Reach for the stars
let go of all regret
Know that life is more
than just a simple bet.”

I hope you all enjoyed that little tidbit. 


Now, I am going to share with you a flyer that was created to announce my 3rd book signing. I hope you all like it.




This was a fantastic day.  The Hurricane Breeze came out to give me an interview and on top of that Author Casey L. Bond came out to show her support as well. She has written books such as “Devil’s Creek”Devil Creek by Casey L. Bond, “Reap” Reap by Casey L. Bondand her most recent that I was able to get my hands on “Shady Bay”Shady Bay by Casey L. Bond. She is an awesome writer. You should really check out her work if you get the chance.

100_0726 100_0725 100_0724 100_0723 100_0722 100_0721 100_0720


Another fantastic day @ The Hurricane Branch Library.


The moment you all have been waiting for. Another 5-star review:


Mrs. Wallace says:

Mr. Gerber has a way with words that so few possess. He bares his soul through his poetry and this bears testament to that fact. It takes the reader through every wonderful emotion of the human heart… love, laughter, and joy. I highly recommend this book and give it 5 stars!!

Thank you so much Weezylou for that wonderful review. You’re the best!!!


Onto the interview that was in the paper. I hope you all like this.

part 1part 2part 3


Again, I would like to give a special thanks to Betsy Allen @ The Hurricane Breeze for the fantastic interview.


Here is another 5-star review.


Author Casey L. Bond: “There is no doubt in my mind that Joel Gerber poured his heart and soul into this book of poetry. I normally read fiction so this book was a new genre for me. I enjoyed it very much. It’s a very good debut poetry book from a talented new author.”


Thank you Casey for the kind review. It is much appreciated.


Now, I am going to show you a couple pictures from where I was at Parkway Indoor Flea Market. I would like to give a special thanks to Mike Lewis for inviting me and helping me to get setup.


100_0744 100_0743 100_0745 100_0741 100_0740 100_0739

If you would like to have some links to some of my pages here they are:

kindle book:


US: http://bit.ly/PoetryBeatHeart
UK: http://bit.ly/ukkindlebook

fan page:


Author Page:


Twitter: @JoelJGerber

I thank you all for coming out and supporting me and Poetry From the Beat of a Heart the way you have. May God bless you. Please feel free to check back often for more updates. I hope you have a fantastic holiday weekend!


Jöel J. Gerber


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